Greetings from Ngoswani:

The 40 ft. shipping container filled with medical supplies and equipment in on its way, to arrive in Mombasa on July 11. Since the contents have been inspected, we do not expect a delay in Mombasa. An Ultrasound is included in the container.Good progress has been made on Phase Two. The walls nearly up, including the Lentil. The roof may be on by the end of June.

Dr. Alex is registered as a physician and is working in a hospital near his home until we are ready to open the Lions Maternal Child Hospital. Since his father had died, he is helping to support his siblings. Before we open the hospital, the following will need to be accomplished. The plan is to develop a self sustaining hospital, providing all costs of running the hospital, after the first 3 months of operation. Following are costs needed before opening.

1. We plan to have an Electronic Medical Record Keeping System installed. The cost for the first 5 years, which includes training and updating is $8,000. This expense has been provided by a donor. PTL! The soft ware program will include all medical records, accounting, inventory and will also help detect the presence of any corruption. Training of staff will include the danger of corruption. Sustained corruption would cause any program to fail.

2. Money is in hand to complete Phase Two.

3. The next large project is to build staff housing. Initially, we plan to construct a 4 unit housing complex. Two units will have one bedroom. The other two units will have two bedrooms. All units will have a lounge, kitchen and a bathroom with shower, sink and stool. The housing will be located 100 yards from the hospital complex. A bid has been received with a cost of $22,362 for all four units. This will be a permanent building, with construction similar to hospital construction.

4. All medical equipment and supplies are present, except for a Digital X-Ray Developer with a projected cost of $20,000. This will provide the ability to send X-Rays to a radiologist or other specialists for consultation. X-Ray will not need a dark room and developer solution.

5. Purchase medicine for the first 3 months with a cost of $6,872.

6. Staff salaries for the first 3 months-$15,450. This will include a physician, eight Nurses plus ancillary staff.

7. No electrical grid is available in the area. Energy will be provided by Solar. Solar panels are on hand, as is electrical wiring. 110 Volt AC and 220 Volt AC will be provided. Storage batteries need to be purchased for $8,450. Solar energy should be more dependable in Kenya and there will be no monthly expense, except for fuel for a backup generator which is in hand. Grid power, where available, is not very consistent with frequent outages. An inverter will need be purchased.

8. Water storage for rain water is available. The bore hole will provide additional water when needed.

9. Monthly expenses, after the first 3 months, will include staff salaries, medicine/drugs and supplies. Secure WiFi will be necessary and is being investigated.
During the first 3 months, all monies collected will be deposited in a bank account and will be used to begin the self sustaining phase of the hospital. Challenges are anticipated. Providing excellent and loving care to patients and families will assure the presence of many patients. The need is great.

Since Narok County provides ambulance services, purchasing an ambulance will not be necessary.
The above funds will need to be raised before the hospital will open. Because there will be two major surgical theatres in Phase Two, Staff adequate to support a physician will be necessary, adding to staff cost.I plan to return to the States in early September and work again to obtain funds to help provide the needed funds to open the hospital.

Thank you again for your prayer and financial support of this ministry. You have helped make this Maternal Child Hospital possible. Women needing Emergency C-Section will no longer be sent on a 3 hour ride over rough roads to save the life of a newborn.

May God continue to bless you abundantly.


Phase Two of Lions Maternal Child Hospital in Maasai