The construction phase two of the LIONS Maternal Child Hospital has been started successfully which will be twice the size of Phase One.

Day One:

 The contractor spent placing stakes (cutting limbs of trees) at the various corners of the building and identifying walls of the building.

 Day  Two:
The second day revealed 7 workers with pick axes, jembes, (very heavy hoes) and shovels, digging footings for the various walls. Total depth of top soil, about 3.5 feet, was removed.Concrete footings have been poured. On 4/8/2016, they were laying the corner stones,to mix concrete, they clear a large area of the ground, then cover with sand, then crushed rock, then cement is spread on top.
 They wet this down, then begin mixing the above with shovels. They mix a wheel barrow at a time, fill the wheel barrow which is taken to be poured into footing trenches. Three wheel barrows with a man on one wheel barrow. Two people mixing the concrete, one man providing the water, one man in the trench controlling the concrete and one man tamping the concrete with a large hand made wooden tamper. Small stakes had been placed in the trenches, sticking up 4 inches, that allows the man in the trench to know how deep is the concrete.
 The bore hole provides the water as it is pumped to Phase One. My pickup is used to haul away the top soil and the huge pile of murram that was removed to construct the large septic system and soak pit for Phase One and Phase Two. Murram is found under the top soil and is frequently used to provide the base of a road. The black top soil is very hard when dry, but behaves like very wet snow when it becomes very wet. Here, it is called Black Cotton Soil. It is quite fertile.The walls of the hospital are made of blocks of granite cut from the side of a mountain and the roof is metal.
We are very happy to update you about our work,we need your support and love to make things happen.

In His service,


Phase 2 of Lions Maternal Child Hospital.